Marissa started practicing yoga consistently in the fall of 2016 after graduating from Miami University and moving back home to the Cleveland area. Before that she had taken a few classes here and there, but never practiced consistently. Marissa mostly relied on higher intensity exercise like running or doing cardio machines at the gym - oftentimes with the focus more on burning calories than moving to celebrate what the body can do. Yoga has helped her relax and release some of the high expectations she used to place on herself, both with fitness and in other areas of life. "I tend to worry about what I should be doing in a given day, or tomorrow, or next week, but when I'm in a yoga class, I am reminded that it is okay to just breathe and be."

Though Marissa is not a yoga teacher (maybe someday!), she is happy to be a part of the process of cultivating community here at Hope. "In the first few months of working here, I have gotten to meet so many interesting and inspiring people, and I am excited to deepen those relationships."

When Marissa is not working behind the desk at Hope, she is the Activities Coordinator at a Skilled Nursing and Rehab facility. In her free time she likes reading, trying new recipes, traveling, exploring local coffee shops and restaurants, and spending time with family & friends.




Erin began practicing yoga in 2016 after many years of feeling too shy and intimidated to give it a try. Experiencing the healing and rejuvenating benefits, she started practicing consistently and was inspired to further dedicate herself to yoga. Erin finds yoga especially valuable as a form of self-care to complement her work as a K-8 school counselor.

Yoga helps Erin manage anxiety, creates balance in her life, and fosters a more compassionate relationship with her body. As she progresses through 200 hour YTT with Carrie Treister’s School of Yoga, Erin is grateful to be a part of the Hope Yoga community. Her beliefs align with the studio’s vision, welcoming all to arrive to each practice just as they are.



Amanda is a medical assistant who first fell in love with yoga in 2015, introduced by a physician she worked for. She was nervous to try it but quickly learned that it was a second home she could get used to. She loves the way yoga makes her feel mentally and physically.

Amanda is overjoyed to be apart of the yoga community and Hope Yoga. Amanda loves music, dancing and being in good company of friends and family.