Born and raised in Fairview Park, Jackie was first exposed to yoga in her high school gym class. Jackie dabbled on and off throughout college but seriously began her practice in 2012. In October of 2014 she traveled to Bali, Indonesia to complete her 200 hour YTT with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch of YogaWorks. While in Bali Jackie also decided to complete a 100 hour yin YTT with the same teachers.

Yoga has allowed Jackie to get to know herself on a much deeper level than she ever thought possible, and she is extremely excited to be sharing this wonderful gift to others. During Jackie’s classes she tries to lead her students through a practice that connects their mind, body, and soul. She aims to have you feeling lighter and brighter after every class, offering modifications for all skill levels and all body types regardless of class style. She wants her students to feel empowered to take their practice off the mat and live a more balanced life.




Laura’s yoga journey started as a compliment to running and weight lifting as a way to stretch and lengthen muscles. She was hooked from the first class.

“My life after yoga is a miracle. I learned to breathe for the first time in my life. I came to yoga for another good workout and stayed for the transformation. I became soft. I opened. I let go. I forgave. I became vulnerable. I am still learning to love myself and I love others and love life in a new way a a result of this practice. I am finally able to appreciate the journey and not freak out about the steps I’m taking along the way.”

Laura is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and completed her 200 hour YTT at Inner Bliss Yoga with the intent to help clients who were too intimidated to start out in a yoga studio. She firmly believes that yoga is for everybody and can be practiced for a lifetime! Her classes allow students to feel stronger and softer at the same time.



Rebecca knew that she was called to be a yoga teacher when she found herself recommending the practice to multiple patients each day. Stepping on her own mat for the first time during medical school taught her the benefits and life changing effects of breath-work and movement. Rebecca completed her training at Inner Bliss Yoga in 2017.

Rebecca enjoys teaching all ages and stages of yogis —as a physician, she has an understanding of the body that allows her to see her students and meet them right where they are. She loves helping people recover from or prevent injuries through yoga, and emphasizes the importance of breath over achieving the “perfect” pose. In Rebecca’s classes she often references the calming, focusing, and releasing power of the breath that both helps and heals. She enjoys sharing real life moments with her students to connect with them both on and off the mat and embraces the messy and beautiful stories of life together. She cannot wait to connect with the students of Hope Yoga.



Yoga is one of the things in this world that lights Erin up. After a nearly 20-year relationship with the practice, she humbly admits it is just that, a practice. Erin completed her 200 hour YTT from Inner Bliss Yoga in 2017 as a way to deepen her practice and bring yoga to others. Every time she gets to teach, she is grateful for the opportunity to connect. She wants everyone to feel the healing power and space that can be found on the mat. As a graphic designer Erin especially enjoys te creative expression found in yoga. Erin comes back to the mat again and again because there is always something new to discover and always work to be done. As a teacher Erin loves creating an experience for her students. She holds space to feel more.

As a mother of three active boys, Erin loves practicing with her kids and giving them tools to manage big emotions, stretch growing limbs and work out extra wiggles. Erin has practiced yoga with all of her pregnancies and credits the practice with helping her to be a better mom. Erin’s classes are welcoming, creative and intuitive. She wants to make each student feel seen and looks forward to meeting students right where they are.




Yoga found Rachel in 2004 and quickly drew her in. Wishing to share the joy this incredible practice can provide, she completed her 200 hour YTT in 2012 at Puma Yoga and has been teaching consistently ever since.

As a mom of two little girls, and full time social worker, Rachel found it imperative to practice self-care through yoga, and to share the importance of self-care with others. Yoga allows us to be more present within, and with the world spinning around us, presence in ourselves is more important than ever. Our yoga practice is a beautiful reminder that things are always changing, we are always changing. Rachel’s classes allow you to flow in and out of poses creatively and feel your body and spirit grow with focus on breathe initiated movement. When you take Rachel’s class you will be the best version of yourself for yourself and for others. Come ready to breathe, play, soften, feel, slow down and strengthen your body and the connection to your most authentic self. All while listening to some great tunes!



Mackenzie’s grandfather was the first person to introduce her to yoga in the early 1980’s, however, it wasn’t until her late 20’s that she found yoga again and really began to understand the benefits of the practice beyond the physical. In October of 2017, Mackenzie completed her 200 hour YTT with Kimberly Payne of Gathering Tree Yoga.

Mackenzie considers herself to be a “forever student” of yoga — always wanting to learn and evolve with her practice. As an instructor, she notices the subtle and significant changes in her students and is beyond grateful to be a part of those transformations. Accessibility is very important to Mackenzie, she believes regardless of gender, age, race, ability, income, etc., yoga should be made available to anyone willing to practice. Mackenzie prides herself in being inclusive, not exclusive, on and off the mat.



Katie is a 200 hour YTT, trained through the Source Energy Yoga Studio in Lakewood, Ohio. Katie studied Community and Public Health at Ohio University and has a Bachelor’s in Health Services. She has been practicing yoga since 2015, originally seeking the practice to help cope with and ease her anxiety. She quickly fell in love with the practice of yoga and realized the countless benefits including physical, mental and emotional. After feeling the effect yoga made in her life, Katie developed the desire to become a teacher to spread her passion and love for the practice, to help others find healing and peace. Yoga has helped Katie in her daily life, improve her anxiety, on and off her mat, and connect with students in her spare time. She also enjoys the outdoors with her golden retriever Honey and quality time with family and friends.

Her classes are centered on the themes of self-love, stress and anxiety reduction, and strong focus on the breath. She strives for her students to leave her classes feeling relaxed yet empowered. Teaching yoga gives her the reward of making an impact on people’s health and lives, class by class, student by student.

“If throughout my teaching career, I make a positive impact on just one student, then I can consider myself successful.” —KATIE



Sandra started practicing yoga in 2015 to build strength and stamina, but she soon discovered that yoga actually works from the inside out, instilling a mind-body-spirit connection. Sandra loved that yoga made her feel stronger and more grounded. She wanted to deepen her own understanding of yoga as well as help others discover the power of yoga and its mental and physical benefits. This led Sandra to complete her 200 hour YTT in 2018 with Carrie Treister’s School of Yoga. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

Sandra wants her students to leave class feeling relaxed, renewed, and energized. She also wants to empower her students by helping them build confidence in their abilities both on and off the mat. She loves sharing the many benefits of yoga with her students, watching them enrich their own yoga practice, and seeing them gain a deeper understanding of how yoga can transform your everyday life.



Anna became a student of Yoga in 2000 while taking classes toward her degree in Health and Science. She instantly fell in love with the beautiful mind body connection of Yoga. In 2001 she traveled to Austria, Germany, and Italy with the Cultural Studies Academy Program accompanied by her Yoga teacher Bobbie Holliday to learn about the health system in Europe. Anna has studied under Bobbie Holliday of Ganesha Yoga and in 2017 she received her 200 hour YTT certification with Kimberly Payne of Gathering Tree Yoga.

Anna is also a Physical Therapist Assistant, a Certified Lymphatic Therapist and a Licensed Massage Therapist and is attuned to Reiki level II. Her passion is to help people find their own personal Yoga practice. During Anna’s classes she aims is to help students feel the full mind body connection by offering visual and verbal cuing, modifications, and hands on assists.



One of the first places Lauren drove herself to after getting her license at age 16 was a yoga studio. She comes from a dance background and, as high school stressors of classwork, friendships, extracurriculars and first jobs began to overwhelm her, she found her yoga mat was a great place to lay it all down. Lauren was amazed with how her physical yoga practice began to dissolve the pressure she put on herself to “be everything for everybody.” During her junior year of college, at the age of 20, Lauren completed her 200 Hour YTT with Give Yoga in Columbus.

In addition to teaching yoga, Lauren Jedlicka is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Her mission is to empower girls and women to make lifestyle choices which support them in rising each day feeling radiant, confident, and calm. She hopes her classes will leave you feeling empowered to take your practice off the mat for a more soulful, authentic way of living!


Stephanie Blackburn

Stephanie, a Fairview Park resident, is honored to teach in the city in which she lives!

In 2010, yoga first came into Stephanie’s life during a difficult time. With the generosity of a friend, she attended her first class in Athens, Ohio. It left her curious to learn more about the way she felt when she left her mat. With practice, she gained the courage to let go of what no longer served her and the strength to discover what lit up her soul. Yoga has been the little bird on her shoulder, helping to guide her way through all that life has to offer!

In 2017, Stephanie received her 200 hour YTT at Pose Cleveland Yoga Studio. Her empowering, sincere, and compassionately styled classes suit every soul. Her goal for teaching is to ensure students are inspired to share the experience with those they love on and off the mat - or a song to add to their playlist!

Stephanie loves music, running, tennis, golfing with her husband and making memories with family and friends.